About Insiderz

Insiderz Limited was founded in 2018 by Karolina and Bart. We’d previously worked together in business and decided from our earlier management experience to set up Insiderz Limited.

How it started

The idea came up whilst trying to solve a business problem. One of us struggled to find a trusted business client, and was helplessly browsing the internet trying to find honest, independent reviews – something better and different from BTC or product-based reviews. The question was how do you find a company with the qualities and experience to tackle an important project? We couldn’t find a trustworthy source so decided to create one. This is how we turned a problem into a solution.

Our goal​

Our goal is to create a positive impact, not just a profit. We know the every day struggles entrepreneurs and freelancers have to face, and we want to support local communities.

Our values

Simplicity, transparency, cooperation, true community.